Voter Registration


Who may register to vote?

Anyone who:

  • Will be 18 years of age or older on General Election Day (First Tuesday after the first Monday in November)
  • Is a United States Citizen
  • Is a resident of Nebraska
  • Is not under sentence for a felony conviction, or if convicted it has been at least two years since you completed the sentence for the felony including any parole term
  • Is not found mentally incompetent

Who needs to re-register?

You must re-register whenever you change your name, your address or your political party affiliation. Failure to do so will result in a delay at your new polling site on election day.

What is the registration deadline?

Mail in registrations must be postmarked on or before the third Friday before an election. You may register in person at the election office on or before the second Friday prior to the election.

Will I receive notice that my mail-in registration his been accepted and processed?

Yes, if you completed the form correctly and mailed it by the deadline (Third Friday prior to the election). If you do not receive notification within 10 days that your registration his been accepted, call the Election Commissioner. In Harlan County, Nebraska the Election Commissioner is the County Clerk. You are not a registered voter until you receive confirmation.